How The Viral Marketing Blackbook Stirs Up The Whole Internet Marketing Community

Stanley Tang’s probably biggest coup is his recent e-book called The Viral Marketing Blackbook which causes a furor among all internet marketers, newbies and seasoned ones alike. When it comes to internet marketing and getting traffic to your websites and blogs the viral marketing aspect should never be left out as you’re leaving serious money on the table or simply just could hand over your whole business to the competitors who are always one or two steps ahead.

Every online marketer knows that traffic is essential to success for every internet business. It doesn’t matter at all how small or large a website or blog is, website owners need traffic in order to make sales, acquire leads, grow their business etc.

90% of all internet marketers don’t know how viral marketing works and how to utilize it, let alone use it to its fullest potential. And that’s what the Viral Marketing Blackbook is all about. It is about traffic and how to tap into its huge viral aspect, providing many different techniques and how to use them best.

One of the most common phrases (or rather mantras) among internet marketers is: The money is in the list.


Stanley Tang shows in his Viral Marketing Blackbook that building an opt-in list is just one way of generating and monetizing traffic. In fact, building your list is just a part of a much bigger picture. According to Stanley many so called “gurus” are quite hesitant to show that bigger picture to anyone and only give out some bits and pieces, giving the feeling of receiving a whole blueprint when in fact they only reveal a small piece of the puzzle.

The true “gurus” are those who created empires like Yahoo, eBay or Amazon. None of these made billions of dollars using an opt-in list. They made their billions by driving massive traffic to their websites and monetizing them.

Mainstreet Marketing Machines – The Latest Innovation in the Field of Online Marketing

Of late, there has been a trend where small business owners have resorted to having websites for business promotion, and today one in three of all business owners have a website of their own. But they stop short of promoting it all hog, which implies that they are not utilizing the full potential of online presence. Only about one percent of these website owners have knowledge of making the most of the opportunities that internet has to offer, as they do not know what more to do to bring more customers to their outlets. This is where Mainstreet marketing Machines come into play. This is an innovative concept, a brainchild of Mike Koenings, who is also the man behind The Traffic Geysers.

Mainstreet marketing machine takes advantage of the huge potential that lies for people to make use of modern video capturing techniques to help local business owners achieve more with their websites in terms of more customers, and ultimately more sales. This tool comes with step by step guide to teach its users how they can target these small business owners who desperately need their services for better revenue generation. It also helps the users to be able to make the websites of small business owners get better search rankings, more and quality traffic, and some specially designed new ways so as to get more customers.

Mainstreet Marketing Machines is different from other multilevel marketing techniques and affiliate programs as you are on your own after you purchase the product, but it does enough to teach you effectively how you can help small business owners to get more out of the websites in terms of increased number of customers, and hence more sales. Is online visibility where these websites of small business owners suffer, and this tool attempts to rectify this problem and plug the holes, if there are any. Though small businesses have taken the first step and they are present on the web, they need to make efforts so as to increase their search rankings and become more visible to those who are on the lookout for the products being sold by these shops.

The purpose of this tool is to help those who want to earn through internet, but are not really interested in affiliate programs or multi level marketing. The makers of this tool believe that there is enough potential in this business to help people make money if they apply the techniques given along with this product. There are a lot of gadgets involved, but all the procedure is described in detail and in a very simple manner which even those who have no knowledge of internet marketing can understand and use it to start earning money.

There are videos, software and templates to make it easy for those who purchase Mainstreet Marketing Machines. Users stand to gain a lot from using this tool as they help business owners get more customers, and as such it is a win-win situation for all who get involved with this product.

MLM Email Marketing Tips For a Successful Network Marketing Campaign

With email being the quickest and most cost effective way to communicate with potential customers, it will, of course, be the popular choice for those who want to generate new leads for their new marketing campaign. Individuals receive many more emails a day than they ever would with snail mail and phone calls and are keen to reduce the volume by ignoring those which seem impersonal or sales-based, so some marketing campaigns run the risk of being sent straight to spam.

There are ways to avoid this. One of the traps many multi-level marketing (MLM) email marketing campaigns fall into is too be too impersonal to the target audience. Confusing or sales-based subject titles can drive potential leads away, while many email clients have built-in spam filters which ensure the emails never reach the intended recipient. Introducing the first name of the addressee in the email will attract attention and possibly a lead.

An email which has misspelled or incorrect information will also speed up the email’s progression to the trash folder. Spend time proofreading the content and making sure all contact details are present and correct. Clients will want to see a friendly and approachable face to the company they wish to be associated with, so it pays to make sure the email suggests a personality without sacrificing professionalism.

When writing an MLM email, many marketers focus on the big sell, writing about their products and services without thinking about what value is being added for the reader. Useful facts, tips or news about current trends will ensure that there is always something for the reader to take away with them. This also builds trust with the target audience, who will then be interested in visiting the website or blog, and may refer others to the site.

Successful marketing is about knowing the target audience and creating a campaign which appeals perfectly to their needs. Where long blocks of text might appeal to one group, the email may be boring to others, causing them to switch off before the end of the paragraph. Many social networks and search engines offer advertising based on keywords to guarantee the marketing strategy reaches the right audience to convert clicks to leads. This is a relatively low-cost way to identify and explore different campaigns for different demographics which can then be applied to an email campaign with the leads generated.

Multi-level marketing has received bad press in the past about unethical practices similar to pyramid schemes, and as such, trust has to be established before a company can hope to sell anything to the customer. This is heightened even further when utilizing email, which makes implementing a good MLM email marketing campaign imperative. The main points to remember are to identify who is being targeted and what they would want to hear, adopt a personal and friendly approach with the campaign and add value to the email that will generate more leads with each recipient.